The Muskogee Amateur Radio Club has been around for several decades and consists of both men and women interested in the hobby of amateur (ham) radio. The club is known for it’s members helping each other and for making the community a better place.

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Sadly we sometimes loose members, below is a list of members who have gone silent key. They are gone but not forgotten and are forever in our memories.

George Lange      K5CAT
Chief Breshears   W5EJK
Mac MacCaffrey    W5VEJ
Floyd Harshaw     N5HXH
Frank Bishop      K5ZEP
Mary Bishop       Associate Member
Richard Hall      WB5YWG
Hughey Seat       K5WNG
Doc Leathers      K5LHS
Doc Sellers       WA5VSF
Ralph Hogue       KD5WX
Vicki Hogue       KD5FK
Ralph Jones       WD5BSA
Clarence Schiller W5FDP
Herman Foster     N5KK
Quinton Ross      NY5S
Ed Brown          WB5RGZ
Bruce Godley      N5HFY
Henry Williams    WB5WDD
Loren Carlberg    WB5WDG
Bob Ford          WB5OGE
Dave Cathers      KA5KNF
Mary Cathers      KA5VLB
Don Funk          K5DIV
Lou Heslie        WB5IME
Earl Switzer      K5PRW
Paul Blankenship  W5OQV
Carl Weaver       NV5M

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