Tuesday Night Two Meter Phone Net

The club operates a two meter phone (voice) net every Tuesday night at 20:00 hours (8 PM). The net is open to any licensed amateur radio operator and we welcome all listeners. The net is held on our 146.745 repeater (negative offset, 88.5 pl). Sometimes the NCS will listen for check-ins on 146.85. The net does not meet on the 3rd Tuesday.

Although, the Net was started primarily to serve the needs of the Muskogee County Hams, the number of check-ins of Hams traveling through the area, snowbirds, and Hams in neighboring counties that are regular callers, has been most gratifying. Our club membership has also benefited in that we have gained members as a result of some check-ins.

What do we talk about on the net? Well, that could be just about anything at all. Although the net has a net controller to maintain a degree of order, the net encourages the check-in stations to bring up their subject of discussion for the evening. From A to Z, both Ham related and not Ham related, the topics are always interesting, informative and best of all they are FUN. Check it out!!!

M.A.R.C. would like to thank all the members that maintain the club’s repeaters for our enjoyment.