MARC Repeaters

The MARC’s repeaters are open to all Amateur Radio operators who are licensed for operation on the VHF/UHF amateur radio frequency bands. Use of the club’s repeaters shall be strictly in accordance with all rules and regulations as dictated by Part 97 of the FCC Amateur Rules & Regulations.

Donations are appreciated for upkeep of the system. Any comments regarding repeater operation are welcome.

Be courteous to your fellow operators while using our repeaters.

Leave 11 meter habits on 11 meters! Obscene, suggestive, hostile, or off-color language, racism, sexism, playing of music, other sound creation, reverb or echo effect devices will not be tolerated.

Be aware of how much time you use the repeaters during the day and allow more amateurs the opportunity to use our repeaters. Long winded QSOs discourage other hams from using the repeater. Ragchews can just as easily take place on simplex. Save any pontificating for an eyeball QSO.

During the hours between 6:30AM – 8:30AM and 4:30PM to 6:30PM keep your transmissions short and spaced apart. NO QUICK-KEYING, Leave at least 2-3 seconds between transmissions to allow time for others to break in for emergencies and or to join the conversation.

MARC operates the following repeaters under the KK5I license.

Band Frequency Input Frequency PL Tone IN / OUT
2m 146.745 146.145 88.5